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  • Extending the life of your soft furniture
  • Eliminating allergy-triggers from the fabric

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1. Call us over the phone and make your inquiries about the service

2. Share with us any specific details, such as what the item is made of

3. Set the date and time for the service that suit you the most

4. The pro arrives and completes the job with your full satisfaction in mind

Your upholstered furniture is in good hands with Fantastic Services Atlanta

If the state of your soft furniture has been playing on your mind for way too long, then why not make the move and call in a professional to clean it? Fantastic Services in Atlanta, Georgia will get things right for you in a space of a couple of hours. We offer advanced upholstery cleaning techniques that will restore the original look of your piece of furnishing, be it a futon, sofa, armchair or a fancy couch. It’s a delicate job to try doing it on your own, as most importantly, you may do more damage than good by trying to scrub those coffee stains with the wrong stain removal product.

Our company has long experience in providing domestic and commercial cleaning solutions and we’ve always worked with highly-skilled, fully insured local cleaning technicians, dedicated to their trade. The upholstery cleaning teams use only high-end professional equipment and apply the effective hot water extraction method on upholstery fabrics and textile floor coverings. The technique renders possibly the best results when it comes to stain removal and cleaning maintenance of soft furniture. It also extends the life of your items and keeps natural wear and tear at bay for longer.

Our upholstery cleaning methods - a proven formula for great results

To give our clients the full benefit of restoring their furnishings to their former clean, stain-free and rejuvenated state, the pros follow diligently the process of several steps below:

  1. Upon arrival, your upholstery cleaning service provider will inspect carefully your piece to determine the material that is made of.
  2. The furniture will be vacuumed, first, with a powerful vacuum cleaner.
  3. Any present stains will be also checked out, tested and pre-treated with the appropriate product.
  4. Then, the pro will clean the item with hot water extraction equipment, which uses water at high temperature, mixed with a detergent, and injected into the fibres under high pressure.
  5. Then, the moisture is extracted effectively together with the dissolved soiling, by utilizing the suction functionality of the machine with a specially designed upholstery attachment.
  6. You are left with a great-looking piece that will need several hours to dry completely, depending on the temperature of the room and moisture levels in the air.

*You can reduce the drying time by turning on a heater in the room or by ventilating the place for a few hours if it’s hot outside.

** Note that the hot water extraction cleaning method is not always suitable, especially for bright-coloured and delicate upholstery materials.

*** We do not offer same-day appointments, so please book the service in advance.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Do you serve business clients?

    A: Yes. Our cleaning services can be ordered by commercial customers, as well. So, if your office upholstered furniture needs professional care and cleaning maintenance, don’t hesitate to call us!

  • Q: Can I leave the key with someone, as I can’t be at home during the service?

    A: Yes, of course, you can. Just notify our customer service agents about the situation and share any key pick-up information details with them.

  • Q: Will your cleaning methods remove all the stains completely?

    A: Some stains, especially old ones, which in the past, were incorrectly treated, may not disappear completely. Still, the cleaners will do their best to significantly improve your soft furniture, so it looks and feels clean and refreshed.

  • Q: When my sofa will be dry to sit on?

    A: Upholstered furniture usually dries out in about 6-7 hours, after it has been cleaned with hot water extraction equipment.

See what other clients say

Reliable company

A friend told us about you, so we called to have our settee steam cleaned. When we got back home, it was still slightly wet to use, but the way it looked…. Really, as if we just got it from Horizon.

The Petersons

My furniture is back

I ordered your upholstery cleaning service to get three items cleaned. The man you sent was friendly and chatty but at the same time very efficient. He just knew what he was doing. Even guessed right what some stains were from. Well worth calling you. Thank you.

M. Lolley

Amazing result

I just can’t thank you enough for the professional job you did with my armchair. It was stained from a repeatedly misbehaving cat (my ex’s) and the smell just lingered to remind me of him. You saved my sanity.

Belinda Foxton

Nothing better than a movie night on a clean sofa? Call now!