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Professional floor replacement and repair in All Atlanta Metro Areas

Since we spend most of our time walking on our floors, it’s natural that they will get worn out as time goes by. Whether you have carpets, laminate, or hardwood floors, wear and tear is a natural phenomenon when it comes to the materials of your floors. Although your floors might have gotten worn out, this doesn’t mean things should stay that way. With Fantastic Services, you can consider a professional floor replacement and repair service in the Atlanta metro area for a complete floor refurbishment project.

How does the service work? We will begin with a general inspection of your existing flooring and then attend to its demolition in order to prepare the floor for the new flooring - whether this is hardwood flooring, carpeting, tiling, etc. Once the demolition of the old flooring has been done, we will clear the property of any leftover debris to ensure a clean surface to work on. The new flooring will be installed and all wall trims and other finishes will be attended to as well.

You will be completely satisfied with your floor replacement project as your home will look as though it has had a makeover. Floors are an integral part of a home’s interior and poor flooring is visible right away. Don’t hide it with rugs or carpets. Rather have your floors professionally redone. You’ll benefit from improved added value to your home and will also make your home look more appealing and beautiful throughout. Flooring can make an instant first impression so make sure yours make the right one!

How do the carpet and floor replacement specialists perform the service

How does the floor replacement service take place? It all starts with a simple phone call to us. You get in touch and tell us what you need to be done for your flooring. We’ll then make an appointment for an on-site inspection that suits your schedule best. A trained and experienced professionals will then arrive at your property to inspect the place. You can then expect your quote from him. Once the quote and work have been agreed upon, we are ready to proceed. We will source all the materials and equipment and you don’t have to worry about these at all. Although if you choose to purchase your own materials, you are welcome to do so and the pros will use them when doing the job. The price of all materials is included in the estimate you will receive. The labor is guaranteed for up to a year, although this can change depending on your prior discussions with the professionals.

Once the work has been completed, you can enjoy brand new floors in your home. Brand new floors mean an almost instant makeover to your home as they’re a critical part of a home’s interior and any flaws are quickly noticed. With a flawless new floor, you can show off your tiles, laminate, hardwood, carpet, or other floor types. The service is great for those who wish to give their homes an instant makeover, add value to their property, and boost a sale in the event that your property is on the market for this purpose.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: What’s the price per square foot, one room, to replace one board etc?

    A: Prices are discussed after consultation and on small jobs, we tend to charge a minimum which varies from job to job.

  • Q: Is there a minimum you charge for the service?

    A: Yes, it varies case by case. Please discuss with the professional on-site to get more details on it.

  • Q: What types of floor damage can you fix?

    A: In all cases, by having one of our experts visit you on-site you will know the best. Some of the most common types are water damaged hardwood flooring – which needs repair and sometimes replacement, buckled hardwood floors – these usually need replacement, but repair is sometimes possible; cupped hardwood flooring – caused by excess water soaking into the floor.

  • Q: Is there a charge for the estimate?

    A: In most cases no. Only if it’s outside the service area or after hours of operation 8am-6pm.

What customers are saying


Because our wooden floors were severely damaged, we decided to have the entire floors replaced in our home. I couldn’t be happier with the results. The floors now look like new. It’s almost like my home’s been given a total makeover!


Outstanding work

Thank you Fantastic Services for making my floors look great again!


Top-notch service

We’re very happy with the professional service offered by Fantastic Services! They redid our floors and the house looks brand new on the inside. Just the effect we were hoping for.

Mary and George

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