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Laminate flooring - add an opulent tone to your home in Atlanta metro area

Laminate flooring is the flooring of choice for thousands. It is an extremely versatile product that, once installed, also greatly boosts the value of your property. Carpets tend to retain smells and dirt, whereas laminate flooring is easy to maintain and clean it gives a fresh new and opulent look to your home or apartment. It is the ideal choice for anyone who’s looking for a makeover of their properties.

In most cases, the professionals will bring the materials beforehand and let them acclimatize for a few days before installing. We start with any necessary demolition of existing flooring and subfloor preparation. In this step, we will inspect and recommend if any additional work is required prior to the flooring installation as well if any squeaks can be removed or should be addressed by the framer. Depending on the type of flooring and method required/selected to be installed, we will staple (nail down), glue, or float the flooring of your choice. After choosing the direction and pattern, we will align and start the installation by laying the pieces and interlocking them accordingly. After completion of the installation, we will install the necessary transition strips, wall trims, and attend to debris cleaning.

The laminate flooring installation service is suitable for a variety of homeowners - those intending to sell, those who are looking to buy, and even those who simply want a fresh new look for their home. Whether you live in an apartment or a house, redoing your floors will give your home an instant makeover. It will also boost the property’s value and make it look more modern, which is an important consideration as carpets and rugs are now becoming a thing of the past. Therefore, if you want to increase the value of your property, give your home a makeover, and make a lasting impression on your guests or buyers, your choice of laminate flooring is the perfect option.

How the laminate flooring technicians perform the service

The laminate flooring installation service offered by Fantastic Services in the Atlanta metro area starts with you giving us a call. You can choose a day and time for the on-site inspection where a fully-insured, trained and experienced professionals will arrive at your doorstep to inspect the scope of the work that needs to be done and offer you an estimate. Once the price is agreed upon, the professionals are ready to begin the project. They will source all the necessary materials to make your flooring vision a reality and begin the job. The work is guaranteed for a year, although this can be discussed in more detail with the tradesman attending to your flooring installation needs.

Once the laminate flooring has been installed, you can enjoy the benefits of a fully-renovated home or apartment that you can enjoy to its full potential. The laminate flooring installation is perfect for giving homes a new makeover and boost the value of your property. In addition, laminate flooring is very versatile and is easy to clean and maintain. Moreover, it’s a more modern addition to your home’s interior as it is becoming a popular choice for thousands of homeowners.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Where can laminate flooring be installed?

    A: As an extremely versatile product, laminate flooring can be installed in almost every room of your home or office. There are some areas that installing laminate flooring is not recommended for, such as bathrooms, wet rooms, and saunas.

  • Q: How do I determine the direction in which to install my laminate floor?

    A: To decide where to begin laying your floor, consider incoming light. It is best to install laminate flooring in the direction of the main light source.

  • Q: Is it difficult to clean and maintain your laminate floors?

    A: No, laminate flooring is very easy to clean and maintain and there are plenty of cleaning products available on the market for better flooring care.

  • Q: Is an underlayment required?

    A: No, it’s not required but it’s highly recommended to be used.

What customers are saying

Perfect job

I got my laminate flooring done in my apartment a few weeks ago. I couldn’t be happier with the results. My home now looks fresh and modern, without the smells and stains of old carpets. Thank you Fantastic Services!


Great work!

The laminate flooring installation in my home in Atlanta was done superbly! The tradesmen that did the job were absolute professionals! They were neat, fast, and did a great job. Now I’m enjoying all the perks of having new floors!


Thank you

I had my living room remodelled and started with the flooring. I chose laminate flooring because it was a more durable option for me and it’s super easy to clean and maintain. I’m really happy with the service because it was fast and affordable. I would definitely recommend Fantastic Services for this job!


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