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Basement Remodeling in All Atlanta Metro Areas

So you have a basement in your house but at the moment, it might leave a lot to be desired? For instance, you may currently use it for storage or a laundry room, but are tired of this setup and are possibly looking to give this space in your home a makeover. That’s a good place to start. But what is basement remodeling? Basement finishing is the process of remodeling a basement into a family room, an entertainment room, a master bedroom with or without a bathroom, a kitchen, or anything else that you’ve dreamed up and imagined for your house.

Now that you have an overall idea of what basement finishing is, let’s talk about what the service includes. Depending on your vision, requirements, and specifications, it can include the installation of drywall, trims, baseboards, windows and doors, chair rails, kitchen and bathroom installation, and painting to give the new addition to your home a brand new functionality and look.

Generally, this service is suitable for all homeowners. This may include homeowners who are planning or are in the process of refurbishing their properties and are looking to rejuvenate an old basement into a room that’s usable, homey, and convenient, whether a spare bedroom or a new entertainment area, the choice is totally dependent on your vision. The service could also be great for buyers who recently bought a new property and are looking to personalize it, or sellers who are looking to add value to their property. Either way, the revamping of your basement will turn your home into a unique place that you will love to spend more time in.

How the basement renovation technicians perform the service

The Fantastic Services basement renovation service begins with one easy step. You give us a call and we schedule the estimate. We normally try to schedule it for the same day, but depending on your request, distance, and time of day, it may need to be scheduled for the next day or when there is a first available opening. Estimates are done on-site before booking. On smaller projects, we can give you an idea of the minimum charge, but no work is performed without prior consultation and agreement between us. In addition, estimates are normally done on-site on the same day, unless you request a breakdown of the estimate that is more detailed. If so, we will send it to you via email. When the contract is signed, we start to work on the project. We provide all the required tools and equipment needed to complete the project. Labour is guaranteed for a full year.

Basement finishing or the process of remodeling a basement can turn your basement into a family room, an entertainment room, a master bedroom with or without a bathroom, a kitchen, or any other room you’ve envisioned for your home. The use of the additional space into something more versatile and functional will open up your home to many new possibilities. You can enjoy a new living room or master bedroom, or a brand new kitchen. The possibilities are endless. You’ll not only be remodeling your basement, you’ll also be enjoying your new rooms and added value to your property.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Are there any charges for the initial consultation?

    A: No

  • Q: How soon can you start the work?

    A: This will depend on various factors, such as the scale and complexity of the work, the time needed for sourcing the materials, if applicable, etc. Still, once we have presented you with a quote, work can begin within 48 hours in most cases.

  • Q: I’ve got some of the materials for my renovation. Is that alright?

    A: Of course. We will work with your selected materials and supply you with anything additional that you would need to refinish your property.

  • Q: Do you refinish basement stairs?

    A: Yes

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Highly recommended!

My wife and I had our basement remodeled into an entertainment area. The kids now spend all their time there. We definitely made the right choice!


First time user

The basement refinishing project that we had done by Fantastic Services was absolutely great! We love our new living room and couldn’t be happier with the results!


Perfect job

Thank you to Fantastic Services for a job well done in our basement. We love the new addition to our home. It now looks more spacious and the renovation made the basement look like new. Just what we had envisioned!

Tracy & Jim

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