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How the staircase remodeling booking works?

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Personalize your home with the staircase remodeling service in all Atlanta metro areas

Stairs must satisfy strict building codes meant to ensure safety and climbing comfort. That is why we here at Fantastic Services provide the design and the installation of all types of interior and exterior staircases, including suspended stairs, flare stairs, curved stairs, straight stairs, spiral stairs, and more. With this service, your stairwells will be entirely transformed, giving your home the specific look you have in mind. The experts are trained professionals who know how to get the job done to your satisfaction.

All you need to do is take the first step and get in touch with us. We normally try to schedule the estimate for the same day but depending on your request, distance, and time of day, it may need to be rescheduled for the following day or when there is a first opening available. Estimates are offered on-site before booking. On a smaller project, we can give you an idea of the minimum charge involved. However, no work is performed without prior consultation and agreement between us. In addition, estimates are normally done on the same day. This is unless you request a breakdown estimate with more details regarding the scope of the service. If this is the case, we will send you the estimate by email. You will be advised about the time frame for the project’s completion and will also receive daily updates, depending on the scope of the work and the time period required to complete it. When the contract is signed, we start working on your staircase remodeling project!

Generally, this service is suitable for all homeowners. For instance, if you’re a homeowner who’s in the process of planning or refurbishing your property, the staircase remodeling service will be ideal for you. In addition, this service is great for buyers who have recently bought a new property and are looking to personalize it, or for sellers who are looking to add value to their property.

How the staircase renovation specialists perform the service

The service includes the following steps. First, the stairs are prepped (stained and finished) prior to installation. We also take a look at the existing and desired design and attend to the removal and disposal of existing steps. Next, we install steps and risers (white or stained), as well as install or repair balusters (railings), whether wood or iron, if required. We also install and repair spindles (iron, wood). Finally, we sand and finish existing handrails and newels (if ordered by you). The materials (which will be included in the estimate) can be purchased either by you or by us, to your selection and satisfaction, and the labor of the service is guaranteed for one year. All jobs are custom made for each project, and the methods and materials used are determined based on your selection.

The benefits of the service are numerous. Once you have a new staircase installed or an older one remodeled and refurbished, your home will take on an entirely different look. You’ll love your new stairs because the balusters will be beautiful (whether made of wood, iron, or other material) and the stairs will be comfortable to climb. A new staircase or a remodeled one is not a small project. But the results are worth it! In addition to this, your home’s value will increase after the project has been completed, which is ideal if you’re looking to sell. Buyers on the market can also benefit from this service as it is a good investment in the value of your new property.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: I am interested in replacing my current rail system. What should I do first?

    A: Contact us and schedule an appointment. We will come out to your home to take measurements and discuss design options.

  • Q: Can you come on a weekend to view and estimate my project?

    A: Yes. We can perform on-site estimates and consultations from Monday to Sunday.

  • Q: Do you offer remodeling services to business clients?

    A: Yes

  • Q: Do You refinish basement stairs?

    A: Yes. Our professional technicians are well-experienced in refinishing basement stairs and transforming your unused space into a valuable property addition.

What customers are saying

I'm impressed!

I absolutely love my new stairs! Thank you Fantastic Services!


Good job

The Fantastic Services professionals did a great job with my staircase. It looks brand new and is a pleasure to walk on. I’m very happy with the results!


First-class service

Thanks to Fantastic Services, I now no longer have creaky stairs which are bent and wobble. The refurbishment project was totally worth it. Thank you!


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