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How the carpet installation booking works?

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Professional carpeting services in all Atlanta metro areas

Choose Fantastic Services for your next professional carpet installation service in Atlanta! Simply give us a call to schedule your on-site inspection for a quote that will suit your wallet. A trained professional will arrive at your doorstep to give your home evaluation. The work that’s needed to be done will be evaluated by an expert who will then provide you with the quote and thereafter the work can begin.

We will start by first attending to the necessary removal of old carpets, demolition of other floorings (if necessary), and general preparation of the surface that will suit your choice of carpet. Once the floors have been prepared for the carpets, they will then be installed expertly and professionally.

Carpets are a luxurious addition to any floor’s homes. They absorb sound, soften footsteps, and create a lavish interior. They also make an important first impression when someone walks into your home. Carpets are ideal for a variety of homeowners and their installation is just a call away. Simply choose the carpet you wish to have installed and our trained professionals will attend to all your needs in a neat and efficient manner.

How the carpet installers perform the service

We start with any necessary demolition of existing flooring and subfloor preparation. In this step, we will inspect and recommend if any additional work is required prior to the flooring installation as well if any squeaks can be removed or should be addressed by the framer. We never recommend saving the existing padding but as requested by you, we could install the new carpet on top of existing padding. Next, we will install the padding. Depending on the pattern and style of the carpet, we will determine the areas where seams will be installed. After completion, we install the necessary transition strips, wall trims (if required) and attend to debris cleaning. We would like to point out that a deep clean is not performed in this service nor is it included in the price. Each of the jobs is custom made and methods and materials used are determined based on your selection. A one-year guarantee on the labor is offered with all of our services unless otherwise discussed with you. All the materials needed for the job are included in the estimate and we can also install materials which you’ve purchased.

There are numerous benefits of the carpet installation service by Fantastic Services in the Atlanta metro area. Carpets are soft to walk on and absorb sound. They also look more luxurious and the installation of new ones can increase the value of a home. They can also make your home more attractive to buyers out on the market for a well taken care of the property. Choose Fantastic Services for your next carpet installation project today! They will enrich the interior of your home and add more value to your property.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Can you fit carpets which I've already purchased?

    A: Yes. But this could affect the price of your service. For instance, the distance from the pick-up location to the job site or need to store materials before installation may affect cost.

  • Q: Can you come on a weekend to view and estimate my project?

    A: Yes. From Monday to Sunday.

  • Q: Are you fully insured?

    A: Yes.

  • Q: Why is my new carpet shedding?

    A: The balls of fluff, or loose fibers, found on carpet or in the vacuum cleaner bag are the normal result of fiber left in the carpet from the manufacturing process. Removing these loose fibers does not affect carpet life or appearance.

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First time customer

Fantastic Services installed new carpets throughout our home. I am so happy with the results. Our home looks fresh and neat now. Thank you for an awesome service!


Great service

We had new carpets installed in our home and thanks to Fantastic Services, the place looks great!

Kyle & Jenny

I'm pleased with the final result

We decided to go with the carpet installation service because carpets can really beautify a home. We weren’t wrong by a long shot! So happy with our soft new carpets! Thanks, Fantastic!

Kelly & John

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