Mattress Cleaning in Atlanta to Boost Your Energy Levels

Start the new day refreshed after a good night’s sleep on a clean mattress

  • Effective hot water extraction cleaning method
  • Mattress lifespan, significantly extended
  • Successfully relieving allergy symptoms
  • No more tossing and turning all night

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Get a better and undisturbed sleep in 4 steps

1. Give us a ring to book your mattress cleaning service

2. Choose a day and time for your appointment

3. Removing bedding prior to the cleaner’s arrival

4. The pro sanitizes your bed piece for you to enjoy

The importance of having a professionally cleaned mattress

Do you remember Gordon Ramsay’s black light mattress tests from Hotel Hell? Well, you don’t have to go to the extremes of checking your own mattress with a device, in order to convince yourself that it needs a professional clean now and again.Fantastic Services in Atlanta can help you with restoring the clean state of your mattress by sanitizing it with industry-grade equipment, operated by fully trained and experienced local cleaners. Our specialized mattress cleaning services come with the added benefit of expert stain and allergens removal, as well. This will, of course, naturally improve your sleep, relieve sensitivity symptoms and at the same time help you enjoy your bed piece for longer.

You can just imagine how over time, your bed piece accumulates dust, soaks up gradually bodily fluids, mixed with dead skin, which all contribute to your mattress becoming the perfect breeding ground for minuscule dust mites. Not to mention that dirty bed furnishings promote bacteria and mold growth. Last but not least, your mattress can be infested with bed bugs and covered in all sorts of allergy-triggers, such as pollen and pet dander. Do you need more reasons for making the right decision and calling in a trusted mattress cleaning pro?The cleaning process, we use, is straightforward and yet, effective, as it eliminates not only general grime build-up but also a variety of microscopic pathogens that you simply can’t see.Check out below how we do it.

Why entrust Fantastic Services Atlanta with the mattress cleaning task

Right then, you may have done everything to get your home in sync with the latest Feng Shui trends but this will be all in vain unless you get your mattresses perfectly clean to complement those peaceful energy vibes around your home. So, let’s see how the Fantastic pros can help you in this quest and do it right:

  1. The mattress cleaner arrives on the arranged day and parks near your property (please, organise a spot for them in advance).
  2. All equipment is brought to your property and the pro gets down to the job.
  3. The specialist vacuums thoroughly your bed piece, first, to remove dust, pet hair and dander, crumbs, dead skin and any other hard particles.
  4. Any stains are inspected and pre-treated with a professional stain removal product.
  5. Then, the expert proceeds with cleaning your mattress by employing the use of a high-pressure hot water extraction cleaning machine.
  6. The equipment is designed to sanitize perfectly your furnishing while removing the moisture (up to 95%) along with small living creatures and general grime.
  7. Subsequently, the cleaner will advise you on the approximate drying time by taking into consideration the humidity levels in the room and the temperature.

* Please note that out-of-hours appointments may be subject to additional charges.

** You can reduce the time of your bed furnishing drying out completely by using a dehumidifier or by turning on your heating system if appropriate, of course.

*** Please, specify during the booking process if you wish both sides of the mattress to be cleaned.

Frequently asked questions to mattress cleaning experts

  • Q: Can I book the mattress cleaning service in Atlanta at short notice?

    A: The Fantastic cleaning teams cover the entire Atlanta Metro area and work according to their pre-organized job schedule. This means that we cannot always guarantee short-notice availability and we definitely cannot assist you on the same day of your inquiry with us.

  • Q: What is the approximate drying time for my fresh-washed mattress?

    A: We advise you to envisage at least 6 hours before you can use and sleep comfortably again on your bed piece. Depending on individual humidity and temperature factors, expect shorter or longer drying time.

  • Q: So, how often should I book a professional mattress cleaning service?

    A: This will depend on your lifestyle circumstances. If you have pets that are allowed in your bed or young kids prone to bedwetting accidents, then regular mattress cleaning maintenance is strongly recommended. Otherwise, consider having your bed piece cleaned by a pro a couple of times per year.

  • Q: What is the approximate lifespan of a mattress?

    A: Expert research notes that a bed furnishing should be replaced every 7-8 years. However, most folks do not follow this recommendation. You can prolong the life of your bed piece by resorting annually to a professional mattress cleaning service.

What other customers have to say

Good job

I booked your mattress cleaning service last week for two single pieces and one king-size mattress. The kids’ beds we covered in stains from spilled soft drinks. Your guy came and took his time to really clean our mattresses. No staining could be noticed once he was done. It was the machine he used... Super impressive quality of work.

Jeremy Fowler

First time user

Hi, I’m Maria Johnson and your company, I have to say, changed my opinion about using others to clean stuff at home. My father passed away after a prolonged illness and I really thought to just get rid of his mattress (only two years old) after trying to clean it with a hired steam cleaner and got nowhere with it. My sister told me about you and really, what an ending. The mattress looks amazing. Thank you.

Regards, Maria

Great service, thanks

I run a small B&B hotel in Atlanta (10 rooms). Your company sent a team of cleaners who were hired to sanitize 8 double-bed mattresses. I’m absolutely satisfied with their work. I’m sure I’ll get in touch again.

Peter Goran

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