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Are you ready to transform your property? Starting with the flooring is your best option for an internal makeover that will help your property improve its appearance and value. Fantastic Services offers hardwood flooring installation and refurbishment services in the Atlanta metro area that will help transform your home into a unique masterpiece that you will love.

In most cases, it is important to bring the materials and let them acclimatize for a few days before installing. We start with any necessary demolition of existing flooring and subfloor preparation. In this step, we will inspect and recommend if any additional work is required prior to the flooring installation as well if any squeaks can be removed or should be addressed by the framer. Depending on the type of flooring and method required/selected to be installed we will staple (nail down), glue or float the flooring of your choice. After choosing the direction and pattern, we will align and start the installation by laying the pieces and interlocking it accordingly. After completion of the installation, we will install the necessary transition strips, wall trims and attend to debris cleaning.

Generally, this service is suitable for all homeowners. In particular, it’s great for those homeowners who are planning or are in the process of refurbishing their properties. It’s also suitable for buyers who recently bought a new property and are looking to refurbishing it. Furthermore, it’s ideal for sellers who are looking to add value to their property. And finally, hardwood flooring is the perfect choice for commercial properties as they not only add value to the property but also totally transform its appearance.

How the hardwood flooring technicians perform the service

All you have to do to start the process is to give us a call to set up a suitable date and time for your on-site property inspection. A trained and qualified professional will arrive at your doorstep ready to examine the scope of the work that needs to be done - from evaluating the demolition necessary to clear up the place of old flooring such as carpets to ensure you get the best service of the hardwood flooring installation in your property. All jobs are custom made on each project and the methods and materials used are determined based on your selection. In addition, all the materials which will be used in the job are included in the estimate. We can also install the materials that you’ve purchased. The labor is guaranteed for up to one year, although you can discuss the further terms of the service in more detail with the pro who attends at your property. As a final point, please note that a deep clean is not performed in this service nor is it included in the price. You are, however, welcome to book this as a separate service after the hardwood flooring has been installed.

There are numerous benefits to the hardwood flooring installation service. For starters, your interior will be totally transformed as hardwood flooring adds a sense of style and sophistication to any room. Your rooms’ appearance will instantly improve and get a new makeover. In addition to the internal transformation of your rooms, you will instantly add value to your property as refurbished flooring is one of the ways in which a property’s value increases. It shows care of the property on the part of the seller as well as invites potential buyers to well-taken care of the property. It’s also ideal for commercial properties that receive a lot of foot traffic and require a sophisticated appearance. Finally, hardwood floors are easy to maintain. In fact, they are some of the easiest floors to clean. All you need to do is a routine sweep and mop for a lifetime of beautiful floors.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Are hardwood floors difficult to maintain?

    A: No. Hardwood floors are actually the easiest floors of all to maintain. A routine sweep and mop is all you need for a lifetime of beautiful floors.

  • Q: Can you come on a weekend to view and estimate my project?

    A: Yes. From Monday to Sunday

  • Q: Are You Fully Insured?

    A: Yes.

  • Q: How do I get my hardwood floor to look like it did when it was new?

    A: There are products that can be applied to prefinished urethane floors that will renew the floor back to its original appearance. Use only manufacturer recommended products.

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Fantastic Service!

My wife and I had hardwood floors installed in our home. We are so happy with the results! Our home looks totally transformed on the inside!

Jim & Lucy

Top-notch service

The Fantastic professionals completely redid our floors, installing hardwood floors throughout our home. Fantastic results! Would definitely recommend to those who are in the process of refurbishing their properties.


Great job

We used Fantastic Services for our hardwood flooring installation. We love the results! Our home looks brand new and it’s so easy to maintain the floors. Just a simple sweep and mop! Thanks, Fantastic!

Jimmy & Kiara

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